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julho 2017



The conviction of Lula is lawfare

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Pro-democracy Brazilian organizations in the United States denounce one more attempt to destroy Brazilian democracy :

the unfair trial and conviction of Luiz Inácio Lula da Silva, the ex-president who is the favorite contender for free presidential elections for 2018. A first instance verdict, but which has been publicized as final all over the world since July 12. Lula’s legal
team will challenge the verdict.

Since the beginning, the accusations against Lula were overwhelming to destroy his reputation and have been used with undisguised political-electoral objectives. The judicial and media chase of former President Lula is the most visible face of this process of disintegration of Brazil’s democracy initiated with the judicial, mediatic and parliamentary powers in collusion for last year’s coup d’etat, and since. The criminalization of politics that knows no ethical or legal limits and operates selectively, essentially targeting the political field that Lula represents.

For the last 4 years, Lula has had his personal life permanently scrutinized, without proof of any illegal act. He presided for eight years one of the largest economies in the world and is recognized as one of the best statesmen of our generation, having lifted millions of people out of extreme poverty.

We are outraged and urge the international public opinion, politicians, media, civil society organizations, all the supporters of democracy and justice to join us to restore the rule of law in Brazil. The current judicial system is full of political bias and acting as if they were following the law. Do not believe that. This is a denouncement. The declaration of former President Lula’s lawyers follows below.

For Press inquiries about this denouncement, contact: defenddemocracyinbrazil@gmail.com
Phones: 215 730 1593 – 917 449 0022
International media: for interview requests with Lula’s legal team please contact John Watts +447957277659


Statement from lawyers of Luiz Inácio Lula da Silva

12 July 2017, São Paulo

Cristiano Zanin Martins and Valeska Teixeira Zanin Martins of Teixeira Martins Advogados (Lula’s lawyers) said:

“President Lula is innocent. For over three years, Lula has been subject to a politically motivated investigation. No credible evidence of guilt has been produced, and overwhelming proof of his innocence blatantly ignored. This politically motivated judgement attacks Brazil’s rule of law, democracy and Lula’s basic human rights. It is of immense concern to the Brazilian people and to the international community.

Judge Moro made his bias and political motivation clear from the beginning to the end of the process. His judgement has shamed Brazil by ignoring overwhelming evidence of innocence and succumbing to political bias whilst overseeing continual breaches of basic human rights and the legal process. The judgement proves what we have argued all along – that Judge Moro and the Car Wash prosecution have been driven by politics rather than law.

President Lula has been subject to lawfare, the use of law for political aims, famously used to brutal effect in dictatorships throughout history. This politically motivated and biased judgement illustrates how President Lula’s domestic legal remedies have been exhausted and why it has been necessary to refer this case to the United Nations Human Rights Committee in Geneva.

No one is above the law, but no one is beneath the law either. President Lula has always fully cooperated with the investigation whilst making clear to Judge Moro and the investigation that the place to exercise political differences is at ballot box and not in the courtroom. The investigation has had a huge impact on Lula’s family, not least Lula’s much loved late wife Marisa, who tragically died earlier this year.

The hearing has been a huge waste of tax payer’s money and has shamed Brazil internationally. It is time now to rebuild trust in the Brazilian rule of law and Judge Moro should step aside from all of his duties.

We will prove Lula’s innocence in all unbiased courts including the United Nations.”

International media: for interview requests with Lula’s legal team please contact John Watts +447957277659



julho 2017



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